Investigative Work at The Lens, and Other News Coverage

Investigative news and education coverage at The Lens

Click the link above to see my latest pieces published in The Lens, an investigative online news site. I cover seven charter schools for the New Orleans-based website, and also contribute stories about criminal justice, transportation and politics.

My stories appear in the publication on a weekly basis. I also produce radio pieces as part of a collaboration between The Lens and WWNO, the local NPR-affiliate radio station. Recently, I produced The Lens’ first video story as part of a series on student transportation.

I was recently named News Director at Mid-City Messenger, a multimedia news site that focuses on the central New Orleans neighborhood, and I freelance for several other major publications in the city. To see highlights of my work in The Lens, Gambit, WWNO, The New Orleans Advocate,, Mid-City Messenger and, peruse through the links on the right of the page. A summary of the story and the name of the publication will pop up when you scroll over the headline.

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