DNAinfo Chicago Video Update


Above you can see examples of the daily video updates I designed for DNAinfo.com Chicago.

This is a news program I envisioned and produced for the company back in October 2012 in Chicago. It’s now run and maintained by journalists and editors in the newsroom there. The video update appears on the site daily, featuring an interview with either a source or a journalist from one of the site’s top stories. The daily program is created in a glass studio situated directly in the Chicago newsroom. The studio was created after several trips to Chicago, where DNAinfo editors, tech support staff and I experimented with different backgrounds and video formats.

The hostess is trained to run the project as a one-woman band: she sets up the camera to be recorded, interviews the subject and then edits the project in Final Cut Pro X using (sometimes) multi-camera editing techniques. B-roll of video feed relating to the story is played during the interview, for context.

The link to this story and to more of anchor Jackie Kostek’s work can be found here.

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