Production and Design

DNAinfo New York

Video Update, before and after

I designed a new video program to meet the needs of this neighborhood-focused online media company.

DNAinfo New York covers every neighborhood in the New York City, from Hasidic communities in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to the bustling Theater District in Midtown Manhattan. DNAinfo New York already had a “video update,” or an online news broadcast, but the company hired me to add value to the program. Before, the broadcast basically repeated the days headlines, in video form. Still images were layered over the anchor’s footage.

In March of 2013, I reworked the program to give it more of a neighborhood focus, aligning with the company’s branding and allowing the company’s reporters to better flex their multimedia muscles. Now, the reporters go into the neighborhoods where the stories are to get dynamic on-camera interviews with community members about the issues that matter to them. Community reactions are edited into the neighborhood footage, as well as pieces from the company’s social media pages, to show the value of the stories being reported.

This is an example of the video update before:

This is an example of the neighborhood news update after:

As you can see, I also improved the quality of the graphics, images and lower thirds to give the report a refreshing and polished look.

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